Nicholas moved to Denver 8 years ago and has “felt like a tumbleweed” due to moving every year in search of decent and affordable housing. It seemed like every time he finally got settled into a new apartment, the rates would increase at the end of the lease and he’d have to move again. “I can’t wait to move into a neighborhood, plant roots and grow together with neighbors in a diverse community,” Nicholas shares.

Nicholas works full time as an Office Coordinator at the headquarters of a business holdings company. He has been working on saving up money to buy a house on the open market, but the constantly rising home prices in Denver have been discouraging. “So many people can’t get a home the ‘regular way’ because of rising house prices,” Nicholas laments. When he first learned about Habitat’s program, he was excited about the partnership housing model. “I’m putting my sweat and my heart into my future! You can’t even put a price tag on the value of owning
my own home.”

Nicholas’s path to homeownership hasn’t been easy. The first time he applied to purchase a Habitat home he was denied due to his debt-to-income ratio, largely due to medical bills from his past. He dedicated himself to paying off debt and improving his credit, and is thrilled to be selected to purchase a Habitat home this year. “I don’t think I’ve ever been in a better position before in my life,” Nicholas shares. “I’m starting a new chapter in life, and feel supported and accepted.”

“Stability is really important to me.” Nicholas is grateful for Habitat’s affordable, 30-year mortgages where he can plan and save up money for his future. “I would love to go back to school to become a paramedic or nurse.”

Nicholas and his dog, Clover, are counting down the days until they can move into their new home this summer. “I’m looking forward to the simple things in life… more comfort, growing a garden, and no longer fearing rising housing prices. I’ll just be able to put down roots and grow.”