About Habitat for Humanity Metro Denver

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver has been a Habitat for Humanity affiliate for just over 30 years.  They are consistently recognized as a top producer and leader in green energy homes.  Since 1979 they have served 930 local families and counting. In the Denver Metro Area, they have built 623 homes, completed 73 renovations, and done critical repairs to 179 homes as of August 2018. Additionally since 1979 they have built 930 international tithe-sponsored homes.  They continue to set challenging schedules and milestones for themselves every year.  Through their three home improvement outlets, ReStore (staffed by volunteers), they not only provide recycling of materials and resell cheaper home improvement goods, they also cover their organizational overhead costs.  This enables them to put more of their funds into land purchases and home construction.   

Every 10 minutes another Habitat home is completed somewhere in the world. Can you imagine how many people are involved in this effort?  Volunteers account for the majority of labor needed to build these homes, which help keep mortgages for the new homeowners affordable.

About Habitat Interfaith Alliance

Quite simply, Habitat Interfaith Alliance (HIA) is a group of dedicated souls who bring together people of Jewish, Catholic, Protestant and Unitarian Universalist faiths to do God’s work as a team.  HIA is made up of representatives from 12 congregations in the Denver Metro area.  With the help of our fellow congregants, we reach our yearly goal, which is to raise the money to sponsor one Habitat home in Denver and one in a developing country (via Habitat’s Tithe Program).  We have built 16 homes as a coalition so far, finishing up our 17th this summer!  Our Alliance believes in addressing long-term poverty and helping all families achieve affordable housing.  A safe and affordable home allows so many families to grow, dream and plan for a brighter future.  We are a proud Faith-Partner affiliate with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver. 

We rely on several fundraising events and donations throughout the year to achieve the $85,000 needed annually to reach this goal.  Eighty thousand dollars is the actual cost of the building materials for the home in Denver; however, each home costs about $170,000 to build in total (land, permits, inspections, supervisor’s salaries).  Our commitment to the tithe program is $5,000, and we get to select, from a list, the country where this home is built each year.  We also galvanize our congregations, along with members of the general public, to volunteer at these fundraising events as well as work on the Build project itself.   As these events approach on the calendar each year, information will be here on our website, as well as on our facebook page.