"I cannot wait to own my own home for the first time and be in a safe neighborhood."
Isabel is a loving single mother of three children, Naima, Naiara, and Neymar. Isabel supports her family by working full-time as a Financial Specialist for Denver Public Schools.

Her family is currently living in an overcrowded apartment that’s suffering from structural damage and located in an unsafeneighborhood. When Isabel discovered Habitat Metro Denver’s Homeownership Program she applied immediately. She is excited to build and purchase her new four-bedroom home in the Habitat Hillside development. For the first time Isabel won’t have to worry about constantly moving and will have a stable affordable mortgage. “We will finally have enough space for the first time and it is so exciting,” shares Isabel.

Isabel and her children say "Thank you" to all the donors, sponsors, and volunteers who support Habitat Metro Denver’s Homeownership Program.