Ayisha Kedir knows that she needs to do whatever it takes to build her family a better
future. Ayisha and her three children currently live in an apartment in a very dangerous
neighborhood. They regularly hear gunshots ring outside their apartment doors, and
have no sense of comfort or safety in their home. In fact, each night as Alisha tucks
her son in to bed, he asks "Mom, are the bad guys going to shoot me?". It’s
heartbreaking for Ayisha to know that her children don’t feel safe while they fall asleep
at night.

Ayisha is determined to work hard and make a significant change in her family’s living
situation. She works 45 hours per week at her job in customer service, and carefully
plans her days off so that she can invest sweat equity and help build her future Habitat
home and take home buyer education classes. "I’m a single mother working hard so
that my kids can have a better future," Ayisha shares with hope and determination.

If the gunshots and dangerous neighborhood weren’t enough to worry about, Ayisha
and her kids endure even more pests inside the wall" The entire family is looking
forward to having a safe place to rest their heads each night in their new Habitat home.
With their house scheduled to begin construction this March, Ayisha and her kids are
counting down the months until they can move into their brand new, safe and stable