Saba and Dadafu and their two children will be moving into a 3 bedroom home in Denver. They have lived in Denver since 2006, when they immigrated here from Ethiopia. They started their family here and now are so happy to have the chance to give their family a permanent place to live in their new Habitat home..

Dadafu has been a taxi driver for Union Taxi for the last two years and he likes that he can determine his own schedule with his work. Saba works at Dayton Learning Center as a Teacher’s Assistant, where she has been since 2010, she is really great with children!

They currently live in a two bedroom apartment, that is becoming too small for their growing children. There is not a safe place for the children to play outside, and they feel bad letting the kids run around inside because they are on a second floor apartment so the noise bothers their neighbors. They are glad that their Habitat home will be their own space, where their children can play freely indoors and outside in the yard.

Saba and Dadafu have had to move several times since they have been in the US. They are looking forward to the permanance and stability that homeownership will provide, as well as the chance to invest in their family’s future instead of constantly spending money on rent.